Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to Fix "Aw Snap" on Google chrome

If you are looking for the solution to fix the Google chrome issues or “Aw Snap”, then your search ends here. So what if you are not a tech expert, by following our guideline here you can easily solve this unexpected error on Google Chrome. Though Google Chrome is smart enough to use because it has good features still it has been found to get some errors while using it. Google Chrome is constantly working to reduce these errors but there are some certain issues that have nothing to do with software. Rather the various Windows settings at the user's side are the root cause of the problem.

There are different kinds of errors you can face with chrome but the most common error is Aw Snap. You can also find issues like who a crash and flash player problems. Flash player problem don’t let you play any video because it crashes frequently in Google chrome. You need to adjust important registry settings in your window to fix all these issues. Most of the problems in the computer are caused by the file association errors and the massive registry corruption.

In windows, registry plays a very important role to run programs normally and when it is accessed, some action is performed on the system. Whenever there will be massive accumulation of corrupted registry entries there will be a lot of program crashes in the PC. Mostly when we use these programs a lot then you can face the problem of registry size since it start to increase and unfortunately many registry keys become corrupt.

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