Saturday, 21 July 2012

Browser Security Features in Google Chrome

As we know that Google chrome is one of the best browsers to use. Chrome uses a different technology from Internet explorer. It built on open source code from other platforms. Chrome browser is based on the open-source Webkit engine, which is an open-source web browser layout engine developed by the WebKit Foundation. Google Chrome is considered as the best security features provider. Here we will have a look on these 4 security features:

Safe browsing software- It has safe browsing features that protect users against phishing and malware attacks. It uses a blacklist approach that gets downloaded to the user's PC on a regular basis. Google constantly crawls the web, finds new and changed websites. If they encounter a suspicious site that seems to be a phishing site then it adds that site to a list of suspected phishing websites.

A privacy mode- It manages privacy settings and designed to suit users who use public computers, or otherwise wish to keep their browsing habits confidential. When enabled it will not remember visited pages, form and search bar entries, passwords, download List entries, cookies and cached files.

Clear Browsing Data- This feature allowed you to clear all the history of recent visited pages. You can delete browsing history, downloads history, cache, cookies, saved passwords and saved form data with the help of it. It also allows you to keep your browsing habits to yourself even if you are not using the Incognito window.

Sandbox security mechanism- It is a security mechanism and it is used to run an application in a restricted environment. The sandbox security mechanism is designed to protect the user's PC and files against these kinds of malicious attacks.

So these are some very cool browsing security feature to keep your browsing safe and secure.

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