Wednesday, 18 July 2012

5 Best Add-Ons for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular browser that is being used by most of the computer users. People find it safer, easier and faster. An additional technology supported by the Google Chrome browser is the facility of add-ons. It can enhance the features of the browser and make it really attractive for the users.

The extension and add-ons in google chrome browser has many features that can be intermixed with your version of google chrome. It has many security related web extensions to be added to chrome browser or more and enhanced level of security.

Here we have five most important add-ons of google chrome:-
Xmarks bookmark sync:- Bookmark sync add-on is a great solution for problem of no bookmark pages and it works best and this will open your bookmark on any computer you work with.

Evernote web clipper:- It’s very useful for users when they need to store the clipping or some portion of page on your PC, so that you can see it later. The ever note web clipper is an add-on that can help you in doing this.

LastPass:- if you daily run the web browser then you would be surely having some of your personal password for sure. There are times when your browser could store these passwords when you repeatedly enter it.

Offline Google mail:- This is an important feature and it helps you to check your mails when your internet is too slow and you cannot open a site.

EXFM music:- Of course this add-on is for all music lovers. Here it can play the music for you if you visit the website containing links of songs.

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