Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How to Remove Google Chrome from My Computer?

Google Chrome is one of those browsersthat obtained fast reputation all over the community immediately but later onit produced a lot of competitors conclusion up at a condition where the growthis very slowly. You must have tried it for the same purpose and the outcome iscertainly amazing as it has created the web encounter a lot secure and simple.You might need to remove it for one purpose or another after you are done withthe examining. Google Chrome is available for several systems and there areunique methods of getting this removed on every OS.

Un-install process for WindowsUsers:
Ms microsoft windows is simple with system control and you can quicklyeliminate the web web browser using the traditional process. Do as directedbelow and get it removed from your system:
  • Go to the Start Selection, and then All Applications. Move to the Google Chrome directory in the list of all programs and you will find a link to the Remove Google Chrome program.
  • Execute the program and check the "Also remove web browser data" box in case you want to eliminate all the information that was associated with the web browser. This is recommended if you want to eliminate Google Chrome completely from your web browser.
  • You will be requested to choose your standard web browser if Google Chrome was the standard one formerly. Find the standard web browser and click ok to make the system wide changes effective.
The Add/Remove program functionwithin the Control Section is another substitute way to eliminate Google Chromefrom your Ms windows.

Un-install process for MacUsers:
Removing Google Chrome on a program that operates Mac OS X is easier. This isjust a two step process that you need to adhere to and Google Chrome will beabsolutely eliminated from your system:
  • Locate the directory where Google Chrome prevails. Move the complete directory to the Junk symbol that is included at the Connect of your Mac OS X User User interface.
  • You can then eliminate the Google Chrome symbol by just pulling it and losing it off the connect using your mouse.
Uninstall process for LinuxUsers:
A red hat system unix system is the most secure of the systems and this doesaccount for the complicated removing process for programs. You can still do asinstructed below to remove Google Chrome from your system running A red hatsystem unix system OS:
  • Go to the Programs selection and then to the Debian selection. Identify Programs and then go to the Program index in Programs. Identify and go to the Synaptic Program Administrator within the Program Control.
  • Locate Google Chrome from the record of offers. And check the Google Chrome program box.
  • You will have two alternatives then; either to eliminate Google Chrome completely or to eliminate Google Chrome while maintaining your personal configurations.
  • Check Level for Finish Treatment if you wish to remove it absolutely or use the Level for Treatment examine box to keep your individual configurations.
Click on Use and choose Google Chrome support from the "To be absolutely removed" choice.Clickon Use again and you are done with the process.

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