Friday, 13 July 2012

Google Chrome not working

Google Chrome is considered as a very sophisticated browser. It crashes very frequently, whenever it finds some corruption in it. Users often face this situation of lagging in chrome while downloading and or browsing some files from website. There are some other reasons as well like browser junk, corruption in Windows registry and malfunctioning extensions or browser applications. Here we present some important tips for solving this issue:

Default Settings in Google chrome: If your browser’s settings are not properly set then you have crash issue. In this case reset the browser to the default and standard settings would help fixing it easily. Perform the following steps:
Open Google Chrome.
Click- Tools -Options.
Click under the Hood tab.
Click Reset to Defaults button.
Restart it for the changes to take effects.

Re-Set Network Settings: You must reset the network setting by enabling features which are supportive to your computer. Network setting also causes the chrome not responding issue.

Disable the Automatic Tuning Level: If you want to reduce browser lagging, disable the Automatic Tuning Level with the help of Command Prompt and perform following steps:
Click Start and select all programs - Accessories.
Right click on command prompt and select Run as admin.
Type the following command and press ENTER:
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable
When finished, type exit and press ENTER.
Now reboot the system.

Disable Detecting the Proxy Settings Automatically: To perform this step just follow below guidelines:

Open Tools -Options.
Select under the Hood dialog.
Click Change Proxy Settings - LAN Settings.
Uncheck the box called automatically detect the settings.
Click OK until you get back to the browser.
Restart Google Chrome.

Delete Cache Contents & Temporary Internet Files: There are many files which you have downloaded, can be corrupted. In this case you must delete the contents of Google Chrome cache and its temporary internet files. Steps are given below:
Click Tools -Options.
go to Under the Hood tab
Click Clear Browsing Data.
Select The Beginning of time from the Obliterate the following items from drop down box.
Mark all the boxes as checked.
Click Clear Browsing Data button.

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