Friday, 27 July 2012

Google Chrome not working on windows 7

Sometimes we all have experienced Google Chrome not working on Windows 7. Many people faced this issue when they switched to the newer version of the operating system. Web browsers stop working properly or they get slower because of poor browsing habits and various Windows errors. Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers. It not only runs faster but has the most effective bookmarking solution. However, you must have faced many problems with it. I think all the Google Chrome users have faced these very common errors while using it like frequent crashes, error messages and slow loading of the web pages.

If you love using Google Chrome and don’t want to use another web browser then you should use these following steps to improve its performance:

First check that you google chrome has been infected by any internet infections or there are some issue with windows files. This may be the major reason of Google Chrome not working.

You should always manage your toolbars. Avoid using excessive toolbars because it not only can result in slow speed of Chrome but also causes it to crash sometimes.

Start tuning up Chrome with clearing internet cache. You must always delete cookies whenever your browsing period ends.

You must always clean and repair Windows registry. The Windows registry contains keys/codes that help all the PC programs to run normally. There are thousands of registry codes in the registry database. A little corruption in this area can be disastrous for the PC.

Your history files have a lot of junk files and these files put a lot of load on the browser, you must delete the history files.

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