Friday, 20 July 2012

How to Fix Google Chrome Error 10

Google Chrome Error 10, we face this problem very often and generally we try to solve this by restarting our computer but we get no response, the same error still distress you. Here we will tell you about the cause of this problem and give you some simple solution to fix this error 10 issue by Google Chrome. You just need to make sure that your computer is virus free and has no internal error with operating system. Generally we face the error n windows registry with the windows based operating system. So first of all you must fix the issue of windows registry in your computer.

Some troubleshooting steps: Here we share some very useful instructions for fixing this issue:

Unlock Chrome from the Firewall Protection: sometimes firewall block the Google chrome to access the internet, so you have to unlock it by changing the setting. Following tips are for the McAfee total protection users:

Open McAfee Total Protection.
Click Web and Email Protection | Firewall | Settings.
Click Program Permissions.
Select Google Chrome and then click Delete
Click Add button.
Type the following in the File Path box
Add it.
 Restart the browser now.

Repair Conflicts in Chrome registry entries: You should repair the registry by using registry cleaner software.

Disable Detecting the Proxy Settings automatically: you have to follow these steps:

Open Chrome.
Click Tools | Options.
Click Under the Hood tab
Under Network category, click Change Proxy Settings
 In new dialog, under Connections tab, click LAN Settings.
Uncheck the box automatically detect settings and click OK | OK.
Restart the browser.

Delete the cookies and internet cache: Just delete these files to solve your problem:

Click Tools | Clear Browsing Data.
Select the option the beginning of time from the drop down box that appears.
Mark all the checkboxes as checked and click Clear Browsing Data button
Restart Chrome when it is finished.

Reinstall Google Chrome: Now you should reinstall the Google Chrome.

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