Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Chrome not working with YouTube

Many times we all face this problem when we want to play a favorite video but its dealing with YouTube video lagging problems. The reason behind this may be internet connection being too slow, your PC having issues with Flash Player, and  Google Chrome is not working. You just wait your youtube video to play but it is unable to load up correctly and take a very long time to load up the videos you want to watch.

Online streaming is powered by the Flash player we need to make it sure that our internal Windows settings are well adjusted and that everything is running fine. Sometimes there are file association errors and the active-x plug in errors that cause a lot of flash problems. The way to resolve YouTube Lagging is to follow these steps:

First re-install The Web Browser & Adobe Flash Player
Check the Internet Connection
Clean Out The Registry
Though Google Chrome is a good and sophisticated browser but it crashes often and this is the main cause of Youtube video not uploading on chrome. You should follow these steps if your Google Chrome not working:

First repair windows errors that are the main reason of many browser and applications errors causing a conflict situation.

Now Run Speed Test to test whether you have sufficient bandwidth available to smoothly play YouTube videos without causing the site to run slower.

Disconnect your internet and then reconnect it to know that internet is running smoothly or not.
Test your computer for viruses and spyware.

Now clear cookies, browsing data and history of your system.

Disable firewall and pop blocker

And now restart your computer.

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