Friday, 3 August 2012

How to fix Google Chrome Error R6034

We have faced this problem of getting Chrome R6034 error in our browser. This program is also called by the name of Runtime Error that leads program to malfunction. It shows these types of error messages like, 'An application has made an attempt to load the C run time library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information.' This is a frustrating problem and sometimes it happens with other browsers including IE and Firefox as well. It can be fixed if you perform following activities mentioned here:

First of all you must fix registry errors including the active-x and file association errors in your PC through a trusted registry repairing program. Mostly corruption in Windows registry causes such runtime errors. The registry is an important component of the operating system which stores information about all the software and hardware of your computer.

You must check your add-ons/plugin installed in your Chrome. Sometimes the Chrome R6034 might have been occurred because of the conflict between an unresponsive plugin and the browser. You should disable any Chrome extension if you suspect that it may be behind the R6034 runtime error in Google Chrome.

Take the help of an antivirus, you should run an antimalware scan to remove malwares from your computer. It can manipulate and corrupt the registry keys of your Windows. This corruption can make your system crash. After every registry repairing scan, a scan through an antimalware is conducted for resolving Chrome R6034 error in your PC.

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  1. Due to runtime error r6034 I was not able to start my PC programs and always receives error message in my PC screen. But after searching a lot when I come to this page and followed the given instructions of it then only I had fixed this runtime error r6034. Thanks.