Friday, 24 August 2012

How to fix Blocked plug-ins error

Most of the time while working on computer we all come across the problem called plug in errors. I just find it very interrupting so last week when I faced this issue I tried to solve it on my own. I showed you some tips on this issue “The following plug-in has crashed error”. If you fixed this issue with the help of our tips, I am sure you will find these guidelines very helpful. You need to follow below tips very carefully.

Now you can follow these tips:-
First of all you need to identify the flawed plug in. You can check it by playing any video or song.
After finding out that plug-in, you should check if it needs any updates.

If you get the error there, you need to uninstall the plug-in and reinstall it. It will not take much time and you can find in your browser under "Tools" and "Add-ons."

If your problem continues, you must update your browser; you might have to reinstall the latest version of browser. Newer browsers are more compatible with plug ins.

You can search on internet about your particular problem. You may be able to find a different plug-in that offer better function and works better for you.

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