Thursday, 9 August 2012

Google Chrome not Connecting

We all know that Google Chrome is the most sophisticated and smartest web browser. It is equally popular for both Windows Operating System and Mac too.  One more quality it has is that it is the fastest browser among all others. But from sometime people are finding that it doesn’t connect while working or opening a new tab on it. Mostly it crashes and makes it very difficult to surf the internet. You can follow these steps so that you will get a good browser.

You must clear web browsing history so that it does not allow URLs to collect in your Chrome history files.
Now you have to delete Windows Registry. Generally it stores information about sites. You just need to remove these registries from the PC, if you want Google Chrome to connect easily.

Whenever you end a browsing session you need to clear cache so that all cookies are removed.

One more important part is not having excessive toolbars in your browser. Mostly it has some heavy plugins and toolbars running with your browser that cause Google Chrome to not connecting. So you have to remove those unnecessary tool bars. It will help your Google Chrome browser to connect and work faster.

These is an error called file association errors related to registry, it become the cause of files not opening properly.

You have to enable GPU compositing on all pages. By enabling this option you can notice significant increase in browser speed.

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