Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How to Disable Shockwave Flash for Chrome

Google web internet browser is called chrome and within it is built in support for Adobe's Shockwave Display player. Display is used for many features on the internet such as games, programs and video. Display, however, uses a quite a bit pc sources so more slowly, older computer systems may not be able to run Display items easily. Stopping "Shockwave Flash Google Chrome" Display can free up sources on your pc, though it will prevent you from being able to use Display based programs.

Now you can follow these steps:-

1:- Start Google chrome on your pc. Simply select the wrench symbol in the upper right-hand area.

2:- Click on "Options," and then click "Under the Cover." Choose "Content Configurations," and then select the tab for "Plug-ins."

3:- Click on "Disable Individual Plug-ins," and then search down to find the "Flash" plug-in. Click on "Disable" to close off Display completely. Close Google Chrome and then re-open it for the settings to take effect.

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