Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to Block Facebook on Chrome

Internet explorer, such as Search Google Chrome, rely on a Windows serves computer file to turn off specific sites. This computer file is introduced by Windows when determining the location of a domain name, such as Facebook or myspace. By changing this serves computer file, you can trick Windows into thinking Facebook or myspace is located in the area, rather than on the Internet. This effectively blocks Facebook or myspace on Chrome and on any other web browser.

Now you can follow these steps:-

1. Close Google Chrome.

2. Simply select the "Start" button and kind "notepad."

3. Right-click "Notepad" from the listings and select "Run as Manager."

. Click on "Yes" in the verification window, or get into your administrator password if you are not currently signed in to webmaster account.

5. Keep the "Ctrl" key and media "O."

6. Type "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" without quotes into the Start dialog's "File Name" field and media "Enter" to look at the serves computer file.

7. Add "" to the serves file's written text. This should be placed on a new line at the bottom of the writing.

8. Keep the "Ctrl" key and media "S" to save your changes.

9. Start Search Google Chrome and try to get around to Facebook or myspace. You will notice it is now blocked.

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