Thursday, 10 May 2012

Google chrome is not working error-102

Now these days google chrome becomes the very fast web browser. Some errors in the computer operating system such as the file organization errors become the cause of data files not starting properly. Google chrome has also been found to show these error. The error shown in web browser as ‘’this web page is not available’’ named error-102.

This message displays when Google Chrome is unable to find and load the requested webpage. Just got a virus eventually got rid of it but sometimes anyone click on google chrome or any browser for that matter can get an error -> Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION REFUSED). A missing Windows component called "expand.exe" is preventing Google Chrome working properly. Goggling "Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION REFUSED): Unknown error." the remedy was the same for the articles I read. Open Control Panel -> Internet Options; now at the top click the "Connections" tab. Once clicked, near the bottom is a button labled "LAN settings"; click it. Once clicked, on the page that appears, uncheck ALL checkboxes. Click OK twice to get out of all that stuff. Close all your Internet Browser windows. Then try to get on the Internet again. If you got problem again on error102 then Followings are the steps anyone can use to resolve this problem;

Step 1: Check for "expand.exe" 1. Go to the Start menu and then click on Search.
 2. After that search on the link expand.exe
 3. If you're able to locate the file on your computer, move it to the following directory: C:\Windows\system32.

You can also copy the file from Windows installation CDs/DVDs, if you're unable to find it on your computer. Once you've copied the file to the directory, try installing Google Chrome again. If you're still having problems of error 102 then continue to the next step. Step 2: Change the location of your temporary folder
 1. Go to the Start menu and then click on Run.
 2. Enter the following in the text field: C:\
 3. Click on OK.
 4. Create a temporary folder by clicking on File then click on Newthen on Folder. Name the folder 'test.'
 5. Go back to the Start menu and then click on Run. 
 6. Enter the following in the text field: cmd.exe
 7. Click OK.
 8. In the command prompt window that opens, type the following: set TMP=C:\test
 9. Try installing the browser again by typing the following in the command prompt window: start ChromeSetup.exe.

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