Monday, 21 May 2012

How to Block Ads in Google Chrome for Mac

It was a great day when Google Chrome will eventually became Mac OS X, but many customers lost the sense of the browser one of the main task - the ad block software! If you are familiar with filtering out of frustration with other web promotion internet explorer, you will definitely want to know how to enable this feature Chrome.

Early versions of Chrome do not support plug-ins. Without the ability to install these plugins, you can not take the ad-blocking software. If you know for sure that your version of Chrome does not support plug-ins, download and install the latest build Google Chrome for Mac.

Before you install ad-blocking software, you may have to "Install" button on the Mac Chrome extensions. The problem affects older versions of Chrome, upgrade to the latest version incorporates a quick solution. Alternatively, you can get Javascript bookmarklet to "Install". Follow the instructions to drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar.

Open the Chrome Mac and go to the Extensions download site. In the "adblock" in the search bar display a list of ad-blocking software. A wide variety of plug-ins are available - a good choice is AdBlock.

Click on the big "Install" button on the next page that gets loaded into the browser.

Click on the "yes" when asked to confirm that you want to install ad-blocking software. Wait a few seconds, when the extension is installed. You can choose custom settings by clicking the "window" is on the menu bar and select "Extensions". In this window, you can also remove or disable ad-blocking software.

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