Friday, 11 May 2012

Google Chrome Freezes

Google introduced its new browser named google chrome in 11 december 2008 and its response is so amazing. And from its starting to now its becomes the third most widely used web browser.
But as usual every web browser has some problems. Google chrome also has little bit problems. In this article we are going to know about this problem and its solutions.

There are so many complaints about google chrome. Users complained   that  it  freezes while  they are surfing on  the  internet  or  downloading  files.  For  finding  solutions  to  this  problem, we made  experiments  on  a  number  of  computers  suffering  from  the  said  problem. At  the  end  of  our  research, it  was   found  that  Google Chrome freezes  in  the  following  circumstances:
 .         Too many Extensions are Installed 
2.        Corrupted Browser Cache Google  
3.        Chrome Registry Entries Needs to be Repaired
4.        Outdated Network Drivers

Google Chrome freezes if there are too many extensions installed. It might be true that you are    no longer using most of them. You are advised to disable such extensions in order to solve this problem..At first Open Chrome then . Type chrome://extensions/ in the Address Bar and press ENTER and From the new page that opens, disable the third-party extensions that you no longer need.

A web browser cache stores a copy of the most recently viewed web pages on your computer. All these files are stored in a specific directory on your computer, and accessed at the time you request opening that webpage.

To fix this problem, please perform the following procedures:
1. Download a third-party system cleaner product. 
2. Click System Cleaner. 
3. Mark the checkbox Internet Cache as checked in the Chrome frame. 
4. Click Clean button.

If your computer is running with out-of-date network drivers then Google Chrome freezes. For continuous and best surfing and downloading performance, you must ensure that the network driver is up-to-date.

You can download the latest copy of your network driver from the website of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

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