Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to fix shockwave error in google chrome

The Google Chrome browser is often observed to more willing  to Shockwave  error as compared to other internet browser because Google Chrome bear to force flash service to load more rapidly but as  Google Chrome senses no response it will instantly face a crash which results an error displaying on browser page stating the Shockwave Flash had to be closed. As you restart your browser everything will return to normal allowing you to continue with your browsing session. However in future you may face the same crash which can easily be stoped by following the instruction guide provided below. The reason we’re talking about Chrome and not, say, Firefox, is because of the way Chrome handles Flash content. While other browsers call upon the Flash installation of the host system, Chrome includes an internal Flash installation. When everything goes smoothly this isn’t a problem—the internal Flash installation is updated with every new Chrome release.

Here we are providing you the procedure to verify your Chrome installation through which you can explore the source which is responsible for all the flash errors:-

Open google chrome browser

Then type plug ins on the address bar and then  press enter

Now you should see a list with all the Google Chrome installed plug-ins. Find the Flash plug-ins and if there are two different flash entries, then that should be the problem and the source for all the crashes.

Look for a plus button (+) Details and click it and now you should be able to view all details.

 Flash entries and disable the link of the Chrome’s internal Flash installation (it is the
one that is installed in the Chrome folder, the other one is in Windows). Click Disable for the internal Chrome Flash installation to stop it from running.

Close the tab and now close Chrome.

Restart Google Chrome and browse the internet.

If the above tutorial didn’t help then you should try to switch between the Flash installations you wish to use and disable alternatively both of them. Another trick is to run Chrome in Incognito Mode and visit flash website and, if there isn’t any crash then the problem might come from the Extensions and this means that you need to uninstall all of them as one of those Chrome extensions might be the ones causing your Google Chrome to crash.

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